SWEAT by Swetha – FAQs

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

Some people are happy to follow their own regime in their own time and place; for those who lack the time, motivation or energy to train effectively on their own, a Personal Trainer is the best bet. You get support, advice and encouragement along with the best exercise technique to help you maximize your workout.


When do I need a Personal Trainer?

If you are overweight, underweight, unfit, when you have just had a baby, or your jeans don’t fit, if you are bored with your current exercise routine or when you are too busy to keep fit! Basically, anytime is a good time to start working out with a Person Trainer.


How often should I train?

Three to four times each week should be good for you to start feeling fitter and seeing results. Although, like anything, you will get more out of it if you put more into it. Whether you work out with your Personal Trainer every time is up to you, and how motivated you are, how often you can afford to train, what you schedule is like every week.


Where should I train?

There is no particular place that you need to train at - you can achieve results working out at a gym, in the park, or at home. It is more a matter of availability and of convenience for you, particularly if you have special rehabilitative needs, which may require special equipment.


Will my Trainer put me on a diet and put a stop to my smoking/drinking?

Most Personal Trainers are fully aware that in order to change an unhealthy lifestyle you have to work within it. You will find that many Personal Trainers can give you nutritional and lifestyle advice - whether you take it is up to you. We are only with you a few hours a week, but the fitter you become, the better you will treat your body as a natural consequence.


What sort of people are Personal Trainers?

Personal Trainers are energetic, committed, motivating, enthusiastic, sympathetic, dedicated, understanding, professional, knowledgeable, approachable and trustworthy!


What happens during a Personal Training session?

A personal training session normally lasts for one hour. This will follow along the lines of a brief warm-up followed by your main training module where you will focus on your goals using functional, strength or flexibility exercises. Finally there will be a cool down or relaxation period. All modules are customized to work for specific goals that you want to achieve.


Does a Personal Trainer ask questions about your lifestyle?

Personal Training is such that it incorporates your needs, goals and lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer will need to ask some initial questions during the consultation, to understand your job and lifestyle. These questions will include:

  • Basic personal details
  • Medical background
  • Fitness background
  • Lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking or drinking)
  • Nutritional habits (you may be asked to keep a diary)
  • Personal goals and objectives in relation to fitness

Your Personal Trainer will look at more than just the fitness component of your life. They will be able to provide information and advice about nutrition, stress management, motivational techniques and then be able to refer you on to others where the need may arise (Chiropractics or Massage Therapists etc.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.